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My Favorites!

Welcome to my Fitness Blog! If you follow me on Social media, chances are that is how you found this page. I live my life as transparent as I can in an online setting (while still having some privacy to my life) to give you guys the best sense of who I really am behind the scenes.


Below are a list of some of my favorite finds that I personally use. When I find something I love, and it's a good deal, I share. Instead of having to message me about where I found an item, I put them in one place! Easier for both of us!

Beat Your Meat Booty Bands

One of the best accessories to your workout to build a banging booty, or strengthen weak muscles to promote function.

Lulu Lemon Dupes - Shorts

I found these randomly as I was shopping in an amazon style store in Columbus. They are buttery soft, just like lulus, and super flattering. Ladies they are squat proof!

Soft Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt

Thee Softest sweatshirt I have ever owned!! Seriously...if you don't believe me, try it! I promise you wont be disappointed!

Liquid Omega 3s

Nobody likes fish burps, and I have found this to not only taste good, but you don't get the gross fish burps! Even my kiddo likes it. Its a Win win!!

Lifting Wrist Straps

I use these a lot when my grip doesn't want to hold. They are great for back day, and deadlifts!

Gallon Water Bottle with Removable Straw

I wouldn't drink the water I needed if I didn't have this sucker. Its been a lifesaver with making me drink more H20.

Protein Powder for Coffee

This is what you will see me use for my protein coffee every morning in my instagram stories. It mixes so well, and tastes amazing! (tip: don't try to mix in metal cup/mug)

I do get a little kickback from some of these items, however not all. I would never want you to buy something just because of that, but did want to make it known :) ( Plus I have to disclose it lol) I appreciate the support as always!!

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