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Here to fill in the "gaps" where nutrition lags

Micro Factor: Having a healthy body has never been more important. Gives the body what it needs for a strong immune system and to keep it functioning at its best. 


Greens 50: Immune boosting greens powder. Provides a diverse blend of fruits, veggies, and grasses to maximize the nutrients you get into every scoop. 100% organic. Helps regulate blood sugar levels, impove digestion and bloating, remove free radicals, improved natural energy, and a healthier gut, which means a healthier immune system. 


Opti reds: Antioxidant powder, giving you 50 hand chosen fruits, berries, veggies and herbs to help boot metabolism, immunity and blood flow. Anti-aging properties. It can help decrease inflammation, Boost energy, brain function, and metabolism. 


Post Workout ( phomrula 1 + ignition): To get the most out of your workout, post workout recovery is ESSENTIAL. Ignition will replenish the glycogen which equals= energy. Phormula 1 gets into the muscles FAST to allow for a faster recovery, reduced muscle soreness, and you'll go into your training the next day feeling better then ever. 


Level 1- Meal replacement protein: The goto for my routine coffee every morning if you watch my IG or FB stories. Because its made using a low temp to process it, I get no bloating or upset stomach, and the taste is unreal. 


Project 1: Pre- workout. Improved energy, focus, strength, performance and results. This is the best overall pre workout. The caffeine is a slower release throughout the workout so there's no crash afterwards. 


Megawatt: pre-workout. This is what I do when I take it to the face, if you watch any of my IG or FB stories you know. If you're a beginner, I suggest not taking it to the face, and start off with half a scoop. THis will def give you the kick in your arse when you're dragging. Would not recommend using close to bedtime. 


Full Mega: fish oil ( specifically omega 3s) Anti inflammatory properties, joint and ligament health. HIGHLY recommend if you do not eat fatty pink fish 3xs a week or if you eat alot of processed foods. 


Harmony: For the Ladies. This helps support and balance out estrogen and cortisol. I have noticed less symptoms around my time of the month, more energy and just plain happier. 


GDA: This by far is one of my favorite supplements. Not something you can FEEL. But it helps with insulin levels when you eat carby meals. I take with any meal over 20g of carbs or when I go out to eat. This isn't a magic pill, you still can't eat like an idiot. It helps shuttle the energy to be used, vs stored as fat. 


Core 21: This is great for lowering cortisol levels ( stress) to help you in a deeper sleep, helping you feel way more rested when you wake up. I don't take this daily, usually when stress levels are higher, but can be used everyday for those that need it. 




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